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My projects

Gear up (Unity + Photon)

Not released yet

Driving simulation game. Open world and online multiplayer for Android and iOS devices where players are in full control of upgrading and customizing their cars and compete with friends over network.
Some of the highlights include:

  • Online features such as match making, chat and events
  • Fully customized editor tools for missions using gizmos and UItoolkit
  • Observer system to easily handle the events
  • Huge 3D scene optimizations (Occlusion culling, LOD, Object pool, layer handling)

Food more (Unity)

An idle touch tycoon game targeted for mobile devices. Similar to lots of idle tycoon games main purpose of the game was to encourage the player to rapidly touch the screen for increasing the speed of the game and therefore collecting more items.
Some of the highlights include:

  • Prototyping mechanics and UI
  • Gameplay and UI development upon service locator core
  • Custom editor tools for design purposes

GOOMY (Unity)

Not released yet

A cross-genre (farm management X tower defence) strategy 3D game targeted for mobile devices, with RPG character customization concepts where players should build and upgrade features to defend the farm.
Some of the highlights include:

  • Character, Controls, Camera: The 3Cs using cinemachine
  • Building system based on a customized grid system
  • Crafting system
  • Inventory system
  • Storage and item database
  • Customized scriptable objects for design implementation

Merge car (Unity + Laravel)

A idle merge game with online features. Where players should merge the cars constantly and unlock new upgraded and high-end cars. Loads of retention-oriented features such as daily rewards, leaderboards, and occasional events.
Some of the highlights include:

  • Object pooling for both game objects and particles
  • Customized texture atlas
  • Asset bundles for events
  • Dynamic server-based design tools for shops and events
  • Save and restore user data on standalone Laravel server using authentication and APIs

Solitaire Tripeaks (Unity)

A free to play Tri Peaks Solitaire card game with unique levels and new playstyles on traditional card games. Players would keep on playing and then discover a whole new islands with tons of levels and events that will challenge their minds and kill time.
Some of the highlights include:

  • Fully compressed textures with texture atlases and latest compression methods
  • Dynamic leaderboard using firebase real-time database
  • Save and restore user data on Firebase Firestore asynconously
  • Mobile and remote notifications

Merge plane and Merge bike (Unity + Laravel)

Two neat reskins of the Merge car game. Consisting of the same game behaviours and mechanics but with different server and different asset bundles and APIs