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Ali Paknahad

Game Developer

About Me:

Game Developer with 4+ years of experience in unity game development. Shipped multiple titles for iOS and Android, executed fast build and deploy environment to keep track of updates. Accomplished learning C# and unity fundamentals in less than one month. Succeeded at finding different solutions for different problems and edge cases, collaborating with the technical, art, and marketing teams on game design and test, and participated as a team lead for the pre-launch phase. Social and dedicated team member accustomed to working in fast-paced and deadline-driven environments, interested in Unity game developer positions.

Work Experience:

Ovio Studios
Unity developer
Feb 2022 – Sep 2022

• Created two 3d games from scratch an RPG game and an online multiplayer racing game using photon engine
• Improved CPU, GPU, and RAM usage by 20% with customized culling and script optimization
• Conducted services upon observer and singleton design patterns for handling events and players’ live data tracking
• Formulated 15 racing cars’ specifications (such as engine, handling, suspension, etc.) and upgrade data
• Completed a fully customized mission builder tool by UI toolkit in less than 3 weeks
• Cooperated with 3 departments, contributing to game and art design pipelines and sprints

Ared Game Studio
Unity developer
Dec 2021 – Feb 2022

• Completed an idle mobile game from scratch in less than 3 months
• Delivered 2 prototypes for a newly designed game
• Suggested new QA testing method by groups consisting of all members
• Fulfilled 60% faster game testing and achieved better approaches with the new test method

Panther and Leopard
Unity developer

Dec 2019 – Dec 2021

• Shipped 3 titles on the play store and app store
• Recommended more than 10 services to managers and accomplished implementing each service perfectly
• Trained 5 new interns and instructed game’s mechanics and existing services
• Led a team of 4 developers in 3 different projects
• Documented three different projects for future developers
• Amplified 50% revenue to the company over 5 months
• Communicated with marketing and art teams to achieve a coordinated approach to the UX design

Panther and Leopard
Back-end developer

May 2019 – Nov 2019

• Fixed more than 40% of server-related crash cases stated in users’ feedback and Firebase Crashlytics
• Modified and refactored approximately 40% of scripts for enhancing functioning and improved robustness
• Created a seamless environment between game and server by configuring and designing rest API
• Consolidated Redis and MongoDB databases alongside each other for faster data processing

Fan Avaran
Back-end developer

Feb 2017 – Mar 2019

  • Developed and delivered 10+ Word Press and Laravel websites for company and clients
  • Expanded company’s web development department to overcome workload and client orders


Unity 2d/3d  Editor scripting  Animations  Photon  Multiplayer  Object-oriented  Asset Bundle  Mobile games  Android / iOS  Design patterns  Core  Service Locator  Firebase   Git  Profiling  Optimization  URP/HDRP  SOLID  C#  Scriptable objects  Tool creation Optimisation  C++  REST API Backend  API development  Database  Server  Agile Development  Self-Driven R&D  Communication  APIs  IOC Dependency Injection  ECS  Architecture  UPM  Game development  Analytics  Crashlytics  Post-processing  Zenject  3C(Character, Controls ,Camera)


BSc, Chemical engineering – Azad University (2013-2018), Tehran, Iran