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Hi, welcome to my website!

You are checking out the portfolio of Ali Paknahad (Game developer, hard worker, movie buff, and avid gamer). Currently, I’m looking for a unity developer position. 

My obsession with video games has been always growing this intention inside me to test myself and look for an opportunity to enter the game industry in any possible way. My journey into the game industry began in the spring of 2019 when I got the chance to work as a backend developer on an idle mobile game. Eventually, my enthusiasm and curiosity finally pushed me to start learning Unity from scratch, and in a short time after self-study and reading C# documentation, I got confident enough to switch from backend to game programming.

During my experience on several games, I have worked with C# and Unity, and I was able to hone my skills with Unity built-in plugins, 3C development, RPG development, photon, Unity UIToolkit, animations and animator, UI/UX, Editor scripting and custom tools creation, asset bundles and addressables, Jetbrains Rider, and to say more, I have worked with various mobile game services like Firebase, Unity gaming services, AdMob mediations, and other marketing and network platforms.


Most Recent Projects